Nadia Montenegro almost lost her mom due to “Diabetic Stroke”

PHOTOS: @officialnadiam on Instagram

PHOTOS: @officialnadiam on Instagram

Nadia Montenegro shared on her Instagram earlier this morning the news about her mom who suffered and survived stroke due to Diabetes in Macau.  

She wrote, “You hit me hard this time Lord! I totally get the message. You heard my prayers and for that I am humbled and grateful. That dreaded phone call and the thought of losing my mom is just unbearable.”

The actress stays positive as they are experiencing one of the hardest battle in their family.  

“But not this woman!  This woman is a fighter!  This woman is strong and has a purpose. We almost lost her due to a “DIABETIC STROKE” but by God’s grace and mercy, she’s so much better.”

“From being lifeless to now alive, awake and kicking!! Watch tv as long as you want Ma!! Let’s get out of here and lets go shopping, eat “healthy” anywhere you want, let’s travel the world and make memories. Life is too short!!!

“For sure this episode scared you big time too Ma and I pray that you start taking care of yourself more because we are not ready to lose you. We love you so much!” she admitted.

She wasn’t there when the incident happened, hence, she’s so grateful for her mom’s friends for taking care of her.

“Thank you to my Tita Aurora Gonzales, Tita Malut, Tita Joan and to all my G12 Titas that never left her side in Macau and took care of her till the paramedics arrived to revive her and for taking her back home to us alive. I can’t imagine what you all went through but i will forever be grateful that Mom was with you guys! You are our heroes! My mom has the greatest friends! God given!”

The 46-year-old mother calls for prayer warriors in this thriving time and she also reminded everyone to treasure every moment with loved ones.  

“I ask for continued prayers for my Mom & my family too. Thank you for all your messages and calls and prayers.”

“Guys kiss and hug your mom now and every minute you can. Say those words “i love you” coz not everyone has the chance to do so. Good thing I have a faithful God that has given me another chance to do so.” she advised.

“I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!! I love you!  I love you! Thank you for coming home to us alive and hungry! Hahahaha when you asked for a sandwich i knew you’re ok na.”


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