Netizens love Mayor Vico Sottoโ€™s good humor on Twitter

PHOTOS: @vicosotto on IG & screenshot from Vico Sotto's twitter

PHOTOS: @vicosotto on IG & screenshot from Vico Sotto's twitter

The newly-elected Mayor of Pasig City, Vico Sotto, displayed a good sense of humor on Twitter last night when someone commended what seemed to be his bizarre outfit choice.

One meme account on Twitter, @Halamans of Manila, posted a photo of the mayor-elect and pointed out how the former Pasig City councilor, can pull off wearing an unlikely ensemble: a printed polo, basketball shorts, and a slip-on shoes.

The cropped photo of Mayor Vico was captioned: “gusto ko tong fashion mo Mayor @VicoSotto ah. Polo + jersey shorts + sanuk? I love the variety!.”

The good-looking son of TV host-actors Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes, in response, took the fashion criticism lightly, writing: “Walang pakialamanan ng style! Buti nga di ko sinuot yung sombrero sa likod eh [laugh].”

As a result, other twitter users also began raving about his simplicity, sense of humor and of course...his unique outfit!

Some of them even mentioned that he is a true “Sotto” for having a comedic side.

Notable not only for beating outgoing mayor Bobby Eusebio’s decades-long hold over the city of Pasig but also for being one of the youngest elected mayors in the country (he just turned 30 yesterday June 17), Vico is finally set to start his mayoral term on June 30, 2019.


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