Nico Bolzico invites Chiz Escudero to be part of #BulliedHusbandsClub

Nico Bolzico decided to invite Chiz Escudero to join #BulliedHusbandsClub but of course, with a permission from Heart Evangelista herself!

PHOTOS: @nicobolzico & @iamhearte on IG

Nico Bolzico decided to invite Chiz Escudero to join #BulliedHusbandsClub but of course, with a permission from Heart Evangelista herself!

Model-entrepreneur Nico Bolzico is recruiting the Sorsogon governor Chiz Escudero to join #BulliedHusbandsClub after he came across Heart Evangelista’s photo with her husband in Japan. 

Heart posted a photo yesterday with Chiz casually walking in a pedestrian lane while they held hands as they strike a pose for the camera. 


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In the comment section, Nico applauded Heart for training Chiz on how to “properly pose in couple pictures” writing, “I am happy to see how you properly domesticated your husband to be present in IG with proper poses in couple pictures!.” 

And to further improve his skills, Nico asks him to go through a special training with other “bullied” husbands to make their wives the happiest when taking couple photos.  

“@escuderochiz just want to let you know that you are not alone, we all went through that and at #TheBulliedHusbandsClub we have a special training for that, ‘How to make your #Wifezilla happy in pictures’, every Saturday 9am to 12 noon.”

But of course, Nico’s first requirement would be Heart’s approval written in a letter in order for Chiz to officially join the club. 

“Just bring a letter signed by @iamhearte proving that she is allowing you to join! You will never walk alone Mr Chiz, we are here for each other! #HusbandsUnited.”

Heart laughed off Nico’s invitation while Chiz responded by agreeing to ask for a letter of permission to his wife saying, “@nicobolzico hahaha will have to ask permission if she will issue such letter allowing me to do so... hahaha.”

Nico has successfully recruited other husbands such as Dingdong Dantes, Isabelle Daza’s husband Adrien Semblat, Georgina Wilson’s hubby Arthur Burnand, Jess Wilson’s fiance Moritz Gastl and  bully-husband-in-training Wil Dasovich. 

The social group, the #BulliedHusbandsClub was founded by Nico and his brother in-law, Erwan Huessaff last year.


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