“PBB Otso’s” Adult Big 4 shared what they've learned inside PBB house

PHOTO: Jewelle Pacia

PHOTO: Jewelle Pacia

The second batch of PBB Otso’s Adult Big 4 Andre Brouillete, Lou Yanong, Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong are finally back in the outside world fully equipped with learnings they have acquired inside the “Bahay ni Kuya”.  

Indeed, a public’s choice, the four housemates called “Team LAYF” by their fans have proven their worth to earn a spot in the Big 4 and now drawing near to their ultimate goal which is being hailed as “Big Winner”.

Andre, Lou, Fumiya and Yamyam shared their learnings and self-discoveries after living inside the PBB house for almost three months yesterday at the grand media conference for PBB Otso Adult Big 4 held in Quezon, City.

Here’s the full transcript of the interview:

Question: What have you learned inside the PBB house and how do you adjust now in the outside world?

Fumiya: Ako? Oh my gosh. What I’ve learned diba? I really learned family love, kasi ako hapon walang family love. Meron pero konti diba? in Japanese culture pero with Filipinos are heartful, everyone. Now that I’m in the outside world, I have a wonderful heart, new, that’s why I’m calling my family and then talking, family love. Sorry po, like that.

Yamyam: Sakin naman po, nakalimutan ko yung tanong. Ang natutunan ko sa loob ng bahay ni kuya, yung sobrang pagmamahal mo sa sobrang kaibigan at tsaka yung pagmamahal ng totoo talaga yung nag cacare ka sa kanya kahit ilang buwan mo lang silang nakasama sa loob ng bahay. Tsaka teamwork!   

Lou: Yes po, yung teamwork, importance ng family and friends talaga, dahil sila yung nagpapalakas sa inyo pag tingin mo hindi na kaya and I think yung I can express myself more, mas kaya kong maexplain ko sa tao yung nafefeel ko especially sa mga tasks.

Andre: You absolutely learned so much about life sa loob and the importance of family. On the inside, we’re all real with each other and we were able to create this connection and help each other, each other’s dreams be there for each other in the hard times and the challenges. Now, in the outside world, I’m happy to see that we are real with each other or the same. So that’s what I’m really happy to see and the depth of the support that we have, how much of an impact it is. We’re just being ourselves inside bu to see this, it’s absolutely an honor and a blessing.

Watch the video below for the interview:



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