Pia Wurtzbach, umaming nagpa-psychotherapy during her Miss Universe reign dala ng pressure

PHOTO: @piawurtzbach on Instagram

PHOTO: @piawurtzbach on Instagram

Inamin ni actress-turned-beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach na nagkaroon s’ya ng weekly therapy session during her reign as Miss Universe 2015.

Ibinahagi ito ni Pia sa naging online interview sa kanya ni Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell. 

Noong November 2020 pa daw naganap ang interview pero nitong February 5 lang ito in-upload sa YouTube ng Canadian beauty queen and pageant vlogger.

S’yempre hindi naiwasang hindi mapag-usapan ang naging experience ng former Miss Universe titleholder during the competition more than five years ago. 

Napa-throwback si Pia sa kanyang naging karanasan at sinabing ang pagkapanalo n’ya sa Miss Universe ay para sa buong bansa. 

“It was more than a personal victory,” pahayag n’ya. “I felt like it was a victory for the whole Philippines 'cause back home, it's really a big deal.”

Matindi daw ang naging pressure noon sa kanya dahil nga pasok lahat sa Top 10 ang kanyang mga predecessors mula kay Venus Raj hanggang kay MJ Lastimosa. 

"Before I competed, the Philippines has always been placing in the Top 10 or the runner-up positions, so the pressure was on every year,” pagre-recall n’ya. 

“You don’t want to be the girl who broke the runner-up streak or the Top 10 streak. People’s expectation was so high.

“I felt like I wasn't doing it for myself. I was doing it for everyone or people who were cheering me on,” pagpapatuloy n’ya. 

“It did feel like I was really carrying the whole Philippines with me because when I was wearing that sash, it said 'Philippines.' It didn't say 'Pia.' 

“I felt like I've got to represent, and I've got to make everybody proud, so there was a lot of pressure.”

Sa kabila ng pressure, masaya naman daw s’ya sa tinamong suporta mula sa kanyang mga kababayan na naniwala sa kanya.

“It also felt good when all of the hard work paid off in the end. It's such a nice feeling hearing your fellow countrymen cheering you on. It's such a nice feeling seeing them waving the flag and knowing that that's you,” sey ni Pia. 

Noong tinawag nga daw s’yang first runner-up ni Steve Harvey, tinanggap na daw n’ya na baka ‘yon talaga ang kanyang kapalaran.

“That’s it. I gave my best. No regrets. If this is my faith then I accept and I just kinda comforting myself,” pagbabalik-tanaw ni Pia. 

“In my head I was saying, ‘I gave everything I’ve got. I don’t know much better how I could have done it. I really gave it my all. She’s the winner.’ I was thinking, at the very least, ‘I think I’ll have modeling career to go back to in the Philippines after this.’”

Pero matapos maitama ang maling announcement of winner at makoronahan s’ya bilang totoong nanalo, na-overwhelm daw si Pia sa mga nangyari. Kabilang na nga dito ang pagtira n'ya sa New York for the first time during her reign.

“From the outside, we see somebody win and their dreams come true overnight. It sounds like success story. Yes, but it can also be a lot overwhelming for a girl,” aniya. 

“So living in New York alone away from your family and not being able to see them for a year, you could get homesick, you could get lonely, you could get tired.
“It could also be overwhelming. The attention, the pressure… You know when I won, the work started that night, it was actually like a… When you see it on TV, the girl gets crowned, she’s beautiful, and then the credits roll up, and then that’s the end of the show. 

“And you feel like, ‘Great! Her wish came true.’ But that’s actually Day 1 of my job. After that, there’s so much things that I learned, so work that needed to be done, so much more that I learned with myself.”

Maayos naman daw n’yang nagagampanan ang kanyang trabaho bilang Miss Universe that time pero hindi n’ya daw maiwasang makaramdam ng homesickness. 

“Work-wise from the outside, I was okay. I was doing the job. Everything was good. But… I can’t speak for other winners, but you get homesick. You can’t avoid that. You miss your family, you think about them, you think about the people back home,” pag-amin n’ya.

Dahil sa matinding pressure sa kanyang pagkapanalo at naranasan homesickness kaya nagpasya na daw s’ya noon na humingi ng tulong sa isang therapist. 

“Not a lot of people know this, but I actually went to therapy sessions every week just to be able to talk it out with somebody,” pagsisiwalat ni Pia. 

“This is different. Suddenly, your life changed overnight, and I needed time to absorb everything that's going on and really make sure that I'm okay and I don't get overwhelmed and suddenly make mistakes along the way.”

Pag-amin pa ni Pia, may boyfriend daw s’ya during her reign at nakaapekto rin sa kanya ang mga natanggap n’yang criticism tungkol dito.

“I also had a boyfriend at the time, and people back home didn't really approve of that idea because they felt like, 'You're Miss Universe, you should be focusing on your reign, and you shouldn't have time for your love life yet. You should be focusing on your responsibility.'

“That affected me,” she confessed. “That really hurt me. I was hard on myself, and I was putting some people down. It was really me versus me.”

Sey pa ni Pia, nakatulong naman daw ang first time n’yang paghingi ng tulong sa isang therapist para maibsan sa nararanasan n’yang anxiety.

“I never had that before. I never had like therapy or counseling… Just to talk it out. Not necessarily saying that there was something wrong with me, because there’s a stigma around it... But sometimes, you just needed a guide,” lahad n’ya.

Malaki din daw ang pasasalamat n’ya sa Miss Universe Organization sa pagtulong sa kanya noong mga panahong ‘yon. 

“Miss Universe really took care of me, and I had somebody to talk to every week who just understood what it was like because that's what they do…

“I’m more than just an employee to them. They actually really care about your health and your well-being,” pagtatapos ni Pia.




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