Pika's Pick: Dimples Romana, elated for the surprise “kuntsabahan” baby shower organized by her friends led by Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo

Photos: Instagram

Photos: Instagram


Dimples Romana: Morning morning from my FAhmeely of 5 (well almost 😜 Baby Elio coming in less than 5 weeeeks 😊☺️)
@papaboyetonline @callieahmee #AlonzoRomeoJose , Mom and Baby Elio 👶🏻
Sharing these beautiful family photos by @niceprintphoto to share my joy for today’s Funtastyk and super nakakakilig blessing we are about to shoot with the whole gang! Let’s do this FAhmeeeeelyyyy 😘♥️☺️🙏🏻
See you in a bit @alan_m_real @whengcorpuz @kusietubigho @iamantoniopapa @drewlacia 🥰😍😘


Dimples Romana: To say that my life is filled with so much LOVE, that my family is blessed to have the BEST PEOPLE around us would be an understatement. Kagabi, when I came in the room, I couldn’t make up exactly what I was seeing, (Wala din ako suot na contact lens kaya nearly blind ako 😅) what I thought was a brand shoot turned out to be one of the most beautiful surprises ever to happen in my life. Thanks to the whole team , with the special kunchabahan of my most treasured girls @therealangellocsin @beaalonzo @whengcorpuz @alan_m_real and of course @papaboyetonline ❤️
Those close to me know I would’ve cherished even just a simple phone call. A text would do it for me♥️ I’m not one who would ask for more, nor would i want anything beyond anyone would so willingly extend to me. I was never the one to ask for anything special. A genuine friendship that I can rely on in times of loneliness and defeat would be more than enough for me. But somehow, the heavens decided to GIVE me more than what I deserve. Real friendships. The kind I can come HOME to, friends who take the time to be with me and my family to honor our milestones. I mean, how many of us can really say that about our lives, right? I LIVE for LOVE that goes beyond what is expected. I CRAVE relationships that withstand the test of time. And just like what I said last night, apart from the usual THANK YOUs that I know would never suffice to express just how grateful I feel. A great family isn’t made up of perfect wives, husbands, not of perfect parents, what makes a GREAT FAMILY is having people like our friends and families who LOVE us beyond our imperfections, celebrate us and our many quirks. Those who lift us up and make our light shine even brighter. My friends truly are the biggest stars in the universe not just because they are famous and respected in what they do, but ultimately because THEY KNOW HOW TO SHARE THEIR LIGHT to people like me who need a little bit more push in finding my own brightness each and every time. So cheers to those of you like my dearest @therealangellocsin @beaalonzo who continue to make others shine brightly by sharing their own light. Love you all beyond words 🥹 Elio is well LOVED ♥️



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