Pika's Pick: Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles celebrate seven years of “limitless but not reckless” love

Photos: Instagram

Photos: Instagram


KIM MOLINA: With you next to me, I am no longer afraid. To more oceans to explore and dreams to achieve together! HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY, my @iamjnapoles! I love you. ❤️👋👋👋 #KimJe


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JERALD NAPOLES: Picture 1 : That’s us, in our solitary world without the burden of solitude. Seeking freedom underneath and floating with dreams above. Limitless, but not reckless.
Picture 2 : That’s us, never a dull moment. Ridiculous but never stupid. We can’t figure out our own selves, but knowing each other makes us realize our worth and where we are heading. We will never be against all odds. We are the odds. I might not bet on myself. but I’m sure I’m winning with you. With us. HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY #KimJe Exciting times ahead of us. ❤️‍🔥😘 i love you @kimsmolina



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