Pops and Martin reunite for a night

PHOTOS: Anna Pingol

PHOTOS: Anna Pingol

Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera—tagged as this country’s Concert Queen and King—may be ex-couples for several years now but they’re estranged no more.

In fact, they have turned out to be the best of friends and they’ve been so for quite awhile. They’re there for each other now more so than before. 

In fact, during Pops’s last birthday celebration, held on the night of her actual birthday (December 12) at the Teatrino theater in Greenhills, San Juan, Martin did not just come as guest but also as the main emcee of his ex-wife’s program.

Pops and Martin’s repartee that night is remisniscent of their adlibs during their Penthouse Live show in the 80s.

Their chemistry onstage remains, not just intact, but still quite hard to beat.

Thus, it’s become quite a nostalgic night not just for Pops and Martin, but for all their common friends who were in attendance that night.


Pops and Martin flank their younger son, Ram. Their elder son Robin was in Los Angeles, California at that time.

From pikapika.ph, Happy Birthday, Pipay!



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