PPOP GENERATION: Welcomes 2019 with a boom!

The Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! girls with (foreground, clockwise) Creative Producer Ryota Naito, Viva Communications, Inc. Chairman Vic del Rosario, Jr., Masatoshi Mano of RTM Japan, and Ms. Geleen Eugenio, the group’s head trainor.

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The Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! girls with (foreground, clockwise) Creative Producer Ryota Naito, Viva Communications, Inc. Chairman Vic del Rosario, Jr., Masatoshi Mano of RTM Japan, and Ms. Geleen Eugenio, the group’s head trainor.

Forty-five beautiful and talented girls, culled from massive auditioners and were trained and honed for mainstream showbiz entry for almost a year, were officially introduced to the public today, December 3, at the Teatrino in Greenhills, San Juan.


Called the Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda!, the girls—who can all sing and dance—are set to wow Metro Manila audiences with a series of live performances in Teatrino starting January 8, 2019.


Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! girls Team A. The girls, according to Geleen, trained non-stop for almost a year. Viva has set up a camp for them for such purpose. The training includes dance, voice, speech and character development.


The Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! is a joint venture between Viva Live, Inc., led by Vic del Rosario, Jr., Chairman of the Viva Communications Inc., and RTM of Japan represented by performer, songwriter, rapper, events organizer and talent manager Masatoshi Mano a.k.a MC Man, and Ryota Naito, the Creative Producer.


Prior to today’s launch, the Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! girls underwent  an intensive training in song and dance mainly under the watchful eye of the legendary Ms. Geleen Eugenio; and voice coaching under Sushi Reyes and Zeb Zuniga.


Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! girls Team B. Geleen again says she imposed a “Bawal ma-late” policy during the training and especially now that they are launched officially.


During today’s media conference/launch, Geleen, who was tasked to be the mother hen of the girls, says she and Viva have been on a look out for sing-and-dance talents since 2009, the year when Viva Live and Viva Entertainment came up with the new brand label called Ppop (Pilipino Pop Music).

It’s under this umbrella label that talents such as the all-girl group Pop Girls and the all-boy group XLR8 were formed and launched.


Then came Sugar ‘N Spice, and the newer ones Nitro, UGG, and After 5.


“And with the success of these groups in their perfomances, solo artists were born and became big in the entertainment industry like Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman,” says Geleen proudly.


Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! girls Team C. Viva Live and the RPM Japan team are not yet done finding girls to be included in the group. Mr. Naito says they are not stopping at 45 and are in fact hoping to have up to150 girls. And they would be divided into sub-groups for the nightly pop performances.


The Japanese group, RTM, came into the picture only this year. When they learned that Viva is training young singers, they came and pitched the idea of nightly live performances, which they’ve already been doing in Japan but for more mature audiences.


“Ang idea kasi ng grupong ito (RTM), you can only appreciate how good they are if you see them live…so the whole idea is the live experience but for younger set,” explains Boss Vic at the media conference.


“And since ang target market talaga is bata…I would say 15 to 25 [years old]…hopefully eventually they can build a fanbase,” Boss Vic goes on. “Kaya talagang naghanap kami ng lugar na malapit sa mga gigs—ang target nga kasi is mga bata…mga mahilig sa computers…kaya naisip namin ang Greenhills at itong Teatrino.


“Ginagawa ito sa Japan, ginagawa sa Thailand, ginagawa sa China… araw-araw sold out. Sa Japan, ’yong successful na concept na ganito, hindi ka makapasok…So we’re hoping na sa galing ng ating mga talents, it’s going to be word of mouth. Eventually, tingin ko mapupuno everyday ang Teatrino at dudumugin na itong show na ito.”


Also part of Boss Vic’s vision is to have the girls enter the recording scene soon and make big hits like their counterparts from the other Asian countries he mentioned.


The creators of the Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! (L-R)
Ryota Naito, Boss Vic, and MC Man (Masatoshi Mano).
         A performer himself, MC Man says he adored the K-Pop group 2NE1 and he thinks that the Ppop girls are just as good.
         His interpreter says he said this: “He doesn’t think that other countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are aware that we have this much talent in the Philippines and his ultimate goal right now is to make sure that the other countries know we have such talented groups in this country.”


But they’re taking things one step at a time. For now, they are focused on making the Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! Teatrino experience a success.


The girls’s two-shows a night gigs start January 8, 2019.


For tickets and inquiries for their 2019 shows, you may contact: TicketWorld at 891- 9999 or Viva Live at 687-7236. You may also check www.ticketworld.com.ph.


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