Regine Velasquez and Janella Salvador acquire minor bruises at work!

On separate occasions, Regine Velasquez and Janella Salvador acquired bruises in the same day! Know more about it by scrolling down below!

PHOTOS: @reginevalcasid on Instagram (L) and @superjanella on Twitter (R)

On separate occasions, Regine Velasquez and Janella Salvador acquired bruises in the same day! Know more about it by scrolling down below!

Yesterday, November 4, Regine Velasquez and Janella Salvador posted about the bruises they recently got while at work.


Asia’s Songbird took to Instagram to share her experience after doing some recording work for the Sunday variety show ASAP. Once the recording was over, Regine immediately took off her headset which hit the bridge of her nose.

“Pagkatapos ko, tinanggal ko na yung headset sa pagmamadali ko the headset hit the bridge of my nose😅” the singer-actress narrated. “Tapos when I was fixing my make up parang napansin ko may parang maitin sa nose ko kala ko naman napasobra lang nose line ko😂 But when I touched it masakit pasa na pala😂”

She added that she did not even realize that the impact of the headset was strong, and only realized it when she woke up and the bruise became visible.

“Apparently magaling akong dancer medyo may pagka tanga lang 😂😂😂” she said in jest.

Regine also warned her followers to be mindful of their actions, unlike what she did during the recording session.

“Ingat ingat din guys wag tularan ang dancer na Ito 😂😂😊” she said. “by the way maitim din pala yung mata ko hindi naman kasali sa aksudente yan ang tawag dyan ay bonggang bonggang eyebags 😂😂😂 #eyelashfordays #lalang”


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The Kapamilya actress regularly appears in ASAP ever since signing with the ABS-CBN network in October 2018. This year, she is set to make her film comeback with the Cinema One Originals entry Yours Truly, Shirley.


On the same day, Janella Salvador took to Twitter to share photos of her bruised neck, which she received during a taping of her show The Killer Bride.

“the aftermath of tonight’s episode— masyado akong in character, pinasikipan ko pa yung rope,” Janella wrote.

The actress was referring to the latest episode of the revenge drama series, where her character Emma was being strangled by a mentally-unstable Manoy Andres (Soliman Cruz).

A netizen reposted the video of the scene and commended Janella for being the mastermind behind the tightening of the rope to make Emma more hurting.

The Killer Bride, a story about a former plantation heiress Camilla who was presumed dead and returns to her hometown to take revenge on people who hurt her, is led by Janella and Maja Salvador along with the powerhouse cast of Joshua Garcia, Geoff Eigenmann, Eddie Gutierrez, Aurora Sevilla, Malou De Guzman and many more.

Heal up soon, Regine and Janella!

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