Saab Magalona on her second pregnancy: “I already suspected I was pregnant since Christmas”

PHOTO: @saabmagalona on Instagram

PHOTO: @saabmagalona on Instagram

Saab Magalona shared via Instagram how she discovered being pregnant with baby number two.

The musician already sensed that she’s pregnant since Christmas of last year and they just confirmed her pregnancy two days ahead of her firstborn Pancho’s birthday, February 14.

Recently, the 30-year-old mother announce the good news to everyone online.

She said, “Kuya Pancho can’t hide his excitement!”


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Saab also opened up about how heartbreaking it is to lose a child. Last year, the first time parents welcomed their twins Pancho and Luna to the world. However, they lost their baby girl Luna that same day due to complications.

She wrote, “It’s heartbreaking to lose a child — how do you even number the succeeding ones?

There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, it’s different for all parents, but Jim and I know in our hearts that our baby has returned to us.”

Luna must have returned in a form of their new baby on its way, truly, a gift for their family.   

“A Christmas gift to our family, a birthday gift to Pancho — whatever he/she is — we are so grateful for baby number two (JoeyBear is still fur baby number one [dog]).

“Thank you to everybody as well for all your prayers and for being so supportive of our family. [heart]  Love to all!!”


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