Tawag ng Tanghalan champion Janine Berdin breaks silence on showbiz hiatus

Janine Berdin breaks her silence on why she has not been appearing on TV recently. Know her answer by scrolling down below!

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Janine Berdin breaks her silence on why she has not been appearing on TV recently. Know her answer by scrolling down below!

It has been a while since Janine Berdin serenaded the madlang people through the television screens. Last Tuesday, October 29, the Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 2 grand champion broke her silence and explained why she has been absent in It’s Showtime and ASAP for the past few weeks.

Janine revealed on Instagram that she has been diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), the condition takes action when one’s body produces too much “stress hormones,” which helps control blood pressure. Though it may sound positive, too much of the said hormones can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

On her Instagram post, the singer explained that it was early September when she discovered that she had “vocal modules” yet when she attempted to treat such, it only led her to develop Cushing’s Syndrome.

Kaya po namamaga mukha ko," she explained. "Hindi po ako nagparetoke at alam ko po na hawig ko si Chuckie. At least hindi na ako mukhang undin 'di ba? Charot."

The singer was rumored to have had plastic surgery, which prompted some to believe that it was the reason for her hiatus.

The 17-year-old explained further that she joined Tawag ng Tanghalan to be an inspiration to many and said she would rather take a break than compromise her voice.

Mas masakit 'yun kesa sa mga masasakit na salita niyo dahil hindi kayo nagagandahan or natatabaan kayo sa mukha ko," she went on. "Now, as I learn to become a more respectful daughter, I can say that this is still my craft which I want to be the best at. I give my respect to all artists who don't just easily conform,"

She then apologized for what will probably be a change in her appearance as the doctors will fix the swelling of her face thanks to her diagnosed Cushing’s Syndrome.

"With everything said, I hope you forgive me if I'm not visually up to par with your standards anymore or ever since; you can unfollow me, but I will still sing," she concluded. "And I will never stop singing. Because that is what I want, what I have hoped for, and I am."


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