‘Team LAYF’ described their life before and after entering PBB house

PHOTO: Jewelle Pacia

PHOTO: Jewelle Pacia

After being announced as the second batch of PBB Otso’s Big 4, Andre Brouillete, Lou Yanong, Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong dubbed Team LAYF describe the changes in their lives before and after entering the show.

Staying inside the famous ‘Bahay ni Kuya’ for three whole months and living with strangers turned family the Adult Big 4 is more than happy to share the transition they have undergone especially in their characters during the grand media conference of PBB Otso Adult Big 4 hel in Quezon, City last April 3.

Down below are the complete transcript and video of the interview:

Fumiya: Before hapon vlogger pero now super pusong pinoy hapon vlogger housemate. I think my life is very boring, boring life talaga. I think if you’re watching my vlog ‘wow he’s enjoying everyday’ pero most of the time I’m editing. I wake up go to the coffee shop and edit, so boring talaga. So now I’m so happy like this amazing, I’m really enjoying my life right now.

Yamyam: Ako po dati po ay isang mag-aaral, grade 12 po. Kakagraduate ko lang nung April 1 and then paaralan tapos bahay yun lang po rotation ng buhay ko po dati. Ngayon po, medyo akala ko nag dredream lang ako pero ngayon totoo na po ito, nasa harapan niyo na po ako. Hindi din po ako makapaniwala sa sarili ko pero nung pumasok ako sa PBB napatanuyan ko sa  na kaya ko po pala, saka naging close ako sa sarili ko.

Lou: Siguro po sa traits lang din ako as a person. Dati po I consider myself weak na hindi po ako makapagdecide. Independent po ako in a way na I live alone yes, pero yung sa loob ko mabilis mag give up parang I can’t decide for myself kasi dependent pa din ako sa ate ko kasi dito sa labas talagang I can still ask her through my phone pero inside wala akong connections sa kanila. So I was there alone so I’m gonna start with a lot of people na bago for me. But now, I’m strong, I know I believe in myself now, I feel na naniniwala na ako sa strength ko na kaya ko lumaban hanggang dulo.

Andre: Before and now, It’s still the same me but going through this whole experience through Pinoy Big Brother and you’re put into a lot of challenges and situations, you realize so much more about life and I believe that the four of us have grown a lot more as characters, to be thankful for the smaller things. Now, of course is a lot different there’s a lot of people that look up to us, there’s a lot of power and responsibility. So with that, knowing yourself and becoming a bigger character to inspire others that’s how life I believe is different. But regarding me as a person, I believe still the same me from before always willing to fight for my dream.  



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