Unique Salonga releases music video for single "Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit"

Unique Salonga recently released a music video for his single "Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit."

PHOTOS: @uniquesalongaph on Instagram (L) and Viva Records (R)

Unique Salonga recently released a music video for his single "Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit."

Unique Salonga has released the music video for his single "Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit" last Friday, November 20. The song is part of his second album "PANGALAN:" which was released back in March 2020.

Directed by the singer-songwriter himself and with the help of editor and VFX supervisor Edsel Gabriel De Guzman, the music video features textured, green dot matrix animation with an abstract depth. The complex animation reinforces the video's simple premise of Unique on his own with a similarly dressed mannequin keeping him company.

Rovan Cipriano, the video's producer and production manager, served as assistant director with Unique's long-time collaborator Zen Flores acting as director of photography.

The ground crew consists of gaffer and camera operator Marvin Pascua, lazy susan operators Bryan B. Paraiso and Reymond M. Gusi, and safety officer and production assistant Martin Riggs.

Viva Chairman of the Board Vicente "Boss Vic" Del Rosario, Jr. and Unique's manager Kean Cipriano lead the list of executive producers of the venture, alongside Lara Serena O. Cipriano and Verb Del Rosario.

Unique began his career with the band IV of Spades alongside Blaster Silonga, Zild Benitez, and Badjao De Castro. He left last May 2018 to pursue a solo career.

Since then, he has released two albums, namely "Grandma" and "PANGALAN:" and is best known for his hits "Sino" and "Bukod-Tangi."

Watch the music video for "Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit" below, which is available on O/C Records' official YouTube channel.


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