[UPDATED] Liza archives all her Instagram posts

PHOTOS: @lizasoberano_updates_ official & @lizasoberano on Instagram

PHOTOS: @lizasoberano_updates_ official & @lizasoberano on Instagram

New year, new feed?

Liza Soberano cleared her feed of over a thousand posts which shocked the netizens last night, January 1.

The actress’ last post was about her nine best pictures of the year 2018 and with a total of 46, 318,791 likes for all her 168 posts.

People and her fans started to speculate about the reason behind her “deleted” photos but Liza reassured that she wanted to welcome the new year, a new beginning with a clean slate feed.

She uploaded her first selfie of 2019 twelve hours ago on her Instagram stories and she wrote, “Don’t worry guys, I’m not hacked. Just wanted a fresh start”  

The 20 year-old posted her first-ever photo after clearing her feed with a caption of all the things she’s grateful for the year 2018. She also confirmed to one of her followers that she didn’t delete her Instagram content but she put it in the archive instead and eventually bring it back anytime soon. 


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