Vhong Navarro trends online after Kat Alano said her alleged rapist's name “rhymes with wrong"

PHOTOS: @vhongx44 (L) and @katalano (R) on Instagram

Is Vhong Navarro the alleged rapist Kat Alano pointed out in her series of tweets about her sexual abuser? Scroll down below for the full story!

PHOTOS: @vhongx44 (L) and @katalano (R) on Instagram

Kat Alano is one of many celebrities who partook in the #HijaAko discussion which sparked talks about rape culture and women's experiences about sexual abuse.

This week on Twitter, the English-Filipino model and former VJ revealed that she did not file a case against her alleged abuser because of the interventions by the latter's uncle.

In a Twitter thread, Alano recalled the alleged rape and the happenings after.

“When I was raped by #rhymeswithwrong, still famous celebrity who had smear campaigns to destroy my career and raped many more, I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He drugged me too, so trying to take my jeans off was difficult for him. Hard to rape an unconscious person in jeans. #HijaAko," she tweeted last June 15.

"And for all those who bashed me and enjoyed my downfall, I still stand by my truth. That man is a serial rapist. And #RapeisRape #HijaAko,” she added.

One day later, Alano answered to netizens who questioned why she never filed a case against her alleged abuser.

"By the way, for everyone asking why I never filed. His uncle made sure that all cases against him would be dismissed. I found this out firsthand. Also they have been waiting to file a case against me to silence me and discredit me in the media, knowing I could never get justice by filing,” she said.

On June 17, Alano posted on Instagram, thanking people who supported her after she shared her experience.

"Say it loud. Say it now. Thank you to everyone who has [shown] support. I can't explain how it feels to know that people finally understand. #rhymeswithwrong #rapeisrape #hijaako" she wrote.


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After the statements from Alano, the name of actor-TV host Vhong Navarro trended on Twitter last Thursday, June 18, despite her not mentioning him in any of her tweets nor publicly naming him as the alleged abuser.

However, Twitter netizens began to discuss another rape case against Vhong, the one filed by Deniece Cornejo.

Netizens were split with the issue. While some praised Alano for opening up, some questioned and even criticized her for not pressing charges.

However, in a Facebook post last 2015, Alano wrote an open letter to then-Justice secretary Leila De Lima about the struggles of rape victims.


So, someone pointed out that my letter could be misinterpreted. I reworded a few things and this time I WAS MORE...

Posted by Kat Alano on Monday, January 19, 2015

April 2014 was the time Alano first opened up about the issue when she was a guest on Mo Twister's podcast Good Times With Mo. She said her alleged rapist was a person she met through work. It was Mo who said the man's name "rhymes with wrong." 

Also, before guesting in the said podcast, she also wrote a Facebook post about rape.

Alano's statements in 2014 were around the same time Vhong had rape accusations by Cornejo and two other women. The case has been dismissed by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

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