Winwyn Marquez tops Marine reservist training; JM De Guzman is officially a sergeant of Philippine Air Force Reserve

Winwyn Marquez and JM De Guzman complete their training as military reservists!

PHOTOS: @teresitassen (L) and @1migueldeguzman (R) on Instagram

Winwyn Marquez and JM De Guzman complete their training as military reservists!

Two celebrities in the form of Winwyn Marquez and JM De Guzman finished their military reservist training under the Philippine Naval Reserve Command and the Philippine Air Force Reserve Command, respectively.

On Instagram last Sunday, November 23, Winwyn shared her experience training under the Philippine Navy, which began last February. She continued her training despite the ongoing pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease.

During these difficult times, attending this Reservist Training (which I religiously attended all classroom lectures, drills, and even joined the 3-day Field Training Exercise in Cavite as the culmination of  our training course) has become one of my motivations to keep on moving forward and to continue to serve others despite the limitations and uncertainties," Winwyn wrote.

The Kapuso actress and former beauty queen said she feels honored to be one of few women to join the reservist training. She said it matches with her passion of encouraging and empowering her fellow Filipinas.

However, Winwyn admitted that the training was "no easy feat."

"I was expected to experience hardship just like everyone with no special treatment or privileges," she said. "I was seen not as 'Winwyn the actress and beauty queen’ but as Cadet Marquez - a fellow Filipina and sister to my batch mates."

"Thanks to the support of my batch, family, and other like-minded people around me, I have completed the course with realizations I never knew I would learn and also a new set of classmates-turned-family," she added.

With her accomplishment, Winwyn said she will be able to exemplify can join the military regardless of gender, age, or expertise and become someone they thought they can never become, as long as their heart is for service.

She said she decided to share her experience with hopes of inspiring and motivating her fellow countrymen to "not be afraid of their weaknesses and to pursue their passions in life."

"Do know that I am not not here to impress you, I am here to make an impact - WE are here to make an Impact," she added.

After congratulating her batch, Winwyn concluded her post with her training accolades, which are Batch Dakila Class President, the Top 1 Class 01-2020, and the Top 1 in Physical Fitness.

It was back in 2017 when Winwyn made history by becoming the first Filipino beauty queen to join and snatch the crown and title of Reina Hispanoamericana.

JM, on the other hand, shared previews of his training and graduation ceremony on Instagram while saying he has completed the Basic Citizen Military Training.

"Finally after 8 months, i finished my Philippine Air Force, Special Basic Citizen Military Training CL-2020 (lectures, drills, and rigorous simulations and trainings) of Air Force Reserve Command conducted by 1st Air Reserve Center. Special thanks to Lt. Col Hermie Calubiran Jr. PAF. I learned a lot about myself, character, and gained a lot of wisdom in this training. My respect higher to our soldiers," the actor wrote.

Now that he is a reservist, JM said he is now ready to serve the country and help people in need and in the dark just like how he experienced before.

"[I] was in need of help before and was also in the dark too. So I know how it feels like. Blessed and graced to stand up again and make things right and now it's time for me to give back. It will be easier for me to do this with the guidance and support of our astig regular soldiers," he went on.

It was last March when JM announced he would be undergoing training to be a reservist of the Philippine Air Force.

He went through training with his Pamilya Ko co-star Kiko Estrada.


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