A glimpse into Allan K’s all-white home

PHOTOS: @allan_klownz on Instagram

PHOTOS: @allan_klownz on Instagram

It may not snow in the Philippines, but that hasn’t stopped Allan K from having a white Christmas.

The Eat! Bulaga host showed off his all-white home in all of its decorated splendor on Christmas yesterday.

Allan wrote: “Merriest christmas from my home to yours!!!”

The comedian’s home sparkled more than usual as choice silver and white decorations turned his pristine abode into a winter wonderland.

Particularly stunning was a crystal belen taking the solo spot on top of Allan’s glass coffee table.

It’s evident that Allan is a fan of glass tables and ghost chairs, which complement but do not upstage his designer Italian furniture, which are all in immaculate white.

See Allan’s modern taste in furniture for yourself:


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