Janno Gibbs, Andrew E., and Dennis Padilla recall happy memories with Eddie Garcia

It’s already been two months since the veteran actor Eddie “Manoy” Garcia passed on. But his legacy,  built from his remarkable works in both TV and films, continues to be remembered by his colleagues in the showbiz industry. 

Singer-actor Janno Gibbs, rapper-comedian Andrew E, and comedian Dennis Padilla are among them.  The three artists were fortunate to have worked with the industry gem, in what would be his last movie—Sanggano, Sanggago’t, Sanggwapo—before he passed on. 

In this upcoming comedy film from Viva Films, the great Manoy played the role of a land developer who negotiated to buy Janno’s character’s hacienda to turn it into a casino complex. 

Janno, Andrew and Dennis all said they were definitely blessed to have worked, once again and for the last time with the multi-awarded actor-director. They have witnessed how remained enormously passionate to do his craft until the end. 

In the video above, the trio reminisced their happy moments with Mr. Eddie Garcia while they were on set and they even shared the pieces of advice given to them by the great Manoy himself, who, by the way, was Viva Films’ first ever director in P.S. I Love You in 1981.

Sanggano, Sanggago’t, Sanggwapo, which is directed by Al Tantay, opens in cinemas on September 4.

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