WATCH: 7 Seconds Challenge with Julian Trono, Andrew Muhlach and Vitto Marquez

The cast of the new series dubbed “U-Tol” under Viva TV takes on the “7 Seconds Challenge” prepared by the pikapika team. 

Julian Trono, Andrew Muhlach and Vitto Marquez bond over a fun game where in they are required to answer a school/love related questions or execute even the strangest dare within the span of 7 seconds. 

There’s no win or lose, these boys will show you how to be funny, witty and even look cool under pressure! 

From being serious to makalokohan, Julian, Andrew and Vitto are super game to complete the task at hand. 

The feel-good barkada series will be released on March 30. 

Watch them compete with each other on the video above.

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