Zephanie and her #NowUnitedBootcamp experience

Success ang Now United

(NU) boot-camp training

ni Idol Philippines


Zephanie Dimaranan

sa Abu Dhabi!


There, she got the

chance to not just

meet all the 18

members of the global

pop group Now United...


She also got to perform

with them!


Dahil ’yon ang culminating

activity nila sa boot camp.


She, along with the 11 other

boot campers from all over the

world, recorded and shot a

music video for the new version

of the NU single, "Come Together,"

with the NU members themselves,

who all flew in from a shoot in


Bukod sa free voice lessons and

choreography training, Zephanie
also got to meet Idol creator himself,

Simon Fuller (the guy behind the

Spice Girls and NU)!


Zephanie auditioned for the

bootcamp months ago and got

called in on September 1.


She left for Abu Dhabi in

mid-September and is back

in the country now, armed

with improved performing

skills and rich with unforgettable



Congrats, Zephanie!

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